International Aerospace

About course

The international aerospace course aims to develop the basic competences acquired in a international aerospace course and take them to a higher level in terms of knowledge, critical reflection, making judgements and working independently. In order to achieve the levels we aim for, the international aerospace course requires that you specialise and choose a specific direction within the domain of aerospace engineering. Since all of the faculty’s teaching and research activities centre on aerospace vehicles, the range of choices available focuses entirely on aircraft and spacecraft.

Career opportunities

With a degree in Aerospace Engineering in your pocket, the world is almost literally at your feet. You will be an attractive job candidate outside the aerospace industry as well: International aerospace graduates are much sought-after in the banking and consultancy sectors, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The good balance between educating academic and analytical skills with the hands-on (i.e. practical) skills and the focus of the curriculum on working in teams create career opportunities besides the Aerospace industry also.

Practical Information

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