International Business Economics

About course

During International Business Economics you will learn how to deal with all kinds of money-related questions within companies. How can we raise our profits? How can we finance the new machinery we intent to buy? How do I keep track of all the money flows which enter and exit the company both on national and international level? Do the different departments in the company work according to their budgets? Companies are constantly looking for professionals who can help them answer questions like these. As an International Business Economics student you will learn how to answer these questions.

Career opportunities

International Business Economics contains all professional skills and experience areas, which are of a great business value in the international economical process. You will learn the theory, but also how to apply it. Simultaneously, you will learn how to improve your skills continuously. The assignments contain, for example, drawing up a balance sheet and economical tests in a national and international context, enterprise estimation, strategic planning or the managing of a department with an economical and ethnical responsibility.

Practical Information

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